Our 50hl, four-vessel Newlands Systems Inc. brewhouse is as efficient a system you’ll find in Western Canada. We can produce up to 70,000 hl per year, with enough flexibility in our brewhouse to incorporate any number of ingredients and techniques to replicate your recipes. The quality and purity of Vancouver’s water supply enables us to match the exact water character from your brewery to replicate all beer types.

Our Brewhouse

Our Brewhouse


For fast, effective trub separation with minimal losses.

Hop Back

Used for hot wort addition of leaf hops and in traditional dry hopping or any other flavouring agent you can think of.

Brew Kettle

Steam jackets and internal calandria for effective boiling, enabling efficient hop isomerisation and DMS reduction.

Lauter Tun

Precision screens, rakes and plough, which give greater efficiency in wort extraction.

Mash Mixer

Steam jackets and high shear mixer for accurate temperature programmed mashing.

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Craft Collective

We know exactly how difficult it is to run a Brewery.
That's why we started Craft Collective.

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Fermentation & Conditioning

Our fermentation tanks

50HL and 100HL Vessels

Modern cylindroconical unitanks designed with racking arms and multiple cooling jackets for homogeneous fermentation temperatures.

Our Packaging Line


Our Comac canning line is the Ferrari of canning lines, with a monoblock filler-seamer, handling any number of can sizes and styles, printed or sleeved.


Our GAI 3031 FM bottling line can rinse, fill and crown any style of bottle, with either pop-off or twist-off crowns, at up to 50 bottles / minute. The PE Label pressure sensitive labeler can apply front, back and neck labels.

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Our KHS keg filler provides internal cleaning and accurate filling at a rate of up to 35 kegs per hour (that’s a lot of kegs, in case you’re wondering).